In Western civilization, the name 'God' has come to be perceived by many as the name of a supposed deity which created everything that exists. Of course, if such an entity did not create itself, it would have had to have been created by something else and thus would not have created everything; and, if it did create itself, it would have had to do so out of nothing, which, to human understanding, is impossible; and it is within the realm of human understanding that we are functioning; therefore, it is only reasonable that in the opinions of intelligent humans such an entity cannot possibly exist. So the primitively conceived and extremely limited deity described in the Bible cannot be real in an objective sense. If it exists subjectively, that is to say, in your imagination, and if you believe that it's real, that is a delusion, and if you live your life in accordance with that belief, that is a form of psychosis.

Church of 3 Principles

The entire body of belief of the Church of Three Principles consists of the following three principles.

. . .

I mean to be the authority over my own life.
I intend to believe only what is true.
seek to do that which is most in my own enlightened self interest.

. . .

   Why these principles and not others?

    A vast number of principles can be stated. These three are among the most basic and important to
realize and put into practice. They are also the ones that tend to be most discouraged by Christian belief,
and by other traditional religions.

. . .

    I was taught to think for myself and to do what I believe. I believe that every living thing is a
component of the ultimate creator, that Satan is not an entity that exists, and that the god of the Bible
is a simplistic and erroneous concept.

. . .

   Physical matter is not alive in any sense that we know of, so it cannot be a deity of any sort.
On how it came into existence we can imagine, fantasize, or speculate, but of this we can be sure: The
ability to create is an aspect of our own nature.

   Our universe is not characterized by uniformity but by the potential for infinite variability.
Strictly speaking, any exact duplication of anything is impossible. Just the fact that they are
made of different molecules means they are different, and because they are in different spatial
locations, that also means they are different. In practical terms, from the perspective of
humans, additional differences always occur. For these reasons, no two circumstances can
ever be exactly the same, and therefore no book or set of guidelines is ever going to be capable
of perfectly and completely describing what is good or right.

   A man cannot be master of every possible force, and the ability of humans is not consistent
or uniform; therefore, ultimately, it is the individual himself who is responsible for
understanding his own limitations, developing his own abilities, and establishing his own
authority in the degree that is most suitable.

   Exceptions occur, but speaking generally of mature adults, no one can know better than
oneself what one's own circumstance consists of and what one's own abilities are, and
because of this, only the individual himself can truly be the master of his own circumstance.
Whether this is good or evil is beside the point. It is only a reality of things.

   Every living thing has a creative aspect within itself, and this can be said to be divine.


   What is it, that is most in one's own enlightened self interest?

   Every human being determines this for himself, either in theory or by action. The answer may
be different from one individual to another, and from one circumstance to the next. This is not a
recommendation, advice, or dogma. It is simply a fact.


    On no terms or conditions will I worship a god I do not fully know. Nor can I worship what I
do know fully. So worship not at all but simply live. Maybe I don't know the best way to get
where I am going. Maybe I don't have everything I will need when I get there. But I know, at
least, where I would lead me. Therefore, in me I trust.


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